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Supremacy Connect facilitates connections among aspiring international teachers, school districts, and companies worldwide to help them achieve their goals. Whether you're a highly qualified educator seeking opportunities in the USA or an employer looking to recruit skilled professionals, join us today to make meaningful connections and pursue your desired roles

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Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to learn more about teaching abroad and invest in your career in the USA.

This channel has helped many teachers across the globe obtain teaching jobs in the USA. The channel has now expanded to different countries by showcasing international teachers in countries such as Canada, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Jamaica, Kuwait, Ghana, and others who share their international experiences and how YOU can get a chance to teach internationally!

Need Extra Help?

Supremacy Connect offers comprehensive J1 waiver services, guiding clients through every step of the process. This includes providing detailed information on available waiver options, assisting in gathering all necessary documentation, and drafting the required forms and statements. They also handle the filing of the waiver with relevant authorities and continuously monitor the application status to ensure timely updates and follow-ups.

In addition, Supremacy Connect provides specialized resume services. These services include resume review and amendment, resume creation, and a package of resume and cover letter. They also offer cover letter drafting services, ensuring that clients have professional and tailored application documents to enhance their job search efforts.

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